A Second Life

I wasn’t religious before I migrated to Australia. There were few Koreans in Sydney back then and my life was very gloomy. I was worried about the different language, culture and people, and how to adapt to a new life in Australia. It was like transplanting an old tree, full of dangers.

One day I met another Korean who attended church. He asked me to go to church with him, but I couldn’t agree to his invitation. Two weeks later my family and I went to the church with him. That first time I felt everything was strange and uncomfortable. So I could not decide whether to go or not. I was agonising about it. Finally, my wife said to me, “You should go to church. If you go to church you may get peace of mind and a better life in Australia”. So I went, and never looked back since.

Now every Sunday I go to church and sing hymns, read the bible and pray to God. Nowadays I have peace of mind without any complications. Always I pray to God and thank Him for His grace. I am much happier than before when I did not believe in Jesus. Therefore I am living a “Second Life” in Australia. God bless all of you.

A Second Life by Min Kim
Editors: Karen Yap & Marion Gledhill
Photographer: Joe Yu


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