Why Jean’s Chilli Chicken is no longer considered Korean food…

Andrew Kim, owner of Jean's Chilli Chicken says “Our food was considered really offensive back then… On one occasion, a drunk customer threw an entire plate of chicken at my face saying “how can you give this to humans to eat? Fifteen years ago when we first opened our restaurant, 90 per cent of our... Continue Reading →

HOE turns 5!

Humans of Eastwood turned 5 years old recently and we couldn't have done it without all our roving reporters submitting content each day so thank you! We were also chuffed to get a mention in NSW Parliament and declared officially hilarious!

Tunnel art a blast from the past

The railway underpass connecting the two sides of Rowe Street in Eastwood is currently getting a much needed makeover from the local council.  Popularly known as the "Scary Tunnel" and likened to the tunnel where the Dementors appeared in the Harry Potter movie, it's always dark and dingy even during broad daylight.  There are also tales of a murder happening there during the 90s although... Continue Reading →

Unsubtle Asian Dating

Brandon Lim 18, son of popular local bread shop owners Hay and Yen Lim was surprised to read a note posted by his parents at the shop front.  The note read that the bakery would be closed for a few days due to Brandon's sister Julianne's wedding (which of course Brandon knew about).  But that... Continue Reading →

Revealed: Why do people in Oz not wear shoes?

Is there a shoe shortage in parts of Australia?  It’s one of the most commonly questions asked by tourists, international students and migrants in Australia when they first see perfectly normal looking people walking around the streets barefoot.  But they rarely get to ask these barefoot strangers directly, in case it sounds impolite. And we... Continue Reading →


Born and bred in Eastwood, 22 year old Jack Rodgers has both brains and brawn. If he looks familiar, it may be because of his cameo on Home & Away at the age of 3, back in the days when there was casting done from Eastwood’s Masonic Hall. Aside from his day job as a... Continue Reading →

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