Tunnel art a blast from the past

The railway underpass connecting the two sides of Rowe Street in Eastwood is currently getting a much needed makeover from the local council.  Popularly known as the “Scary Tunnel” and likened to the tunnel where the Dementors appeared in the Harry Potter movie, it’s always dark and dingy even during broad daylight.  There are also tales of a murder happening there during the 90s although the exact facts have been lost over time.

Despite the tunnel’s reputation, its various murals over the years are part of Eastwood’s rich cultural history and have been of considerable interest to the local community .

In 1992, local student Kate Annabel participated in spray painting the mural in the tunnel for a school holiday project.  She recalls the Ginger Meggs art was soon given a forced makeover because they breached copyright laws!

During the last two decades, the Council opted for less intellectual property infringing art in the tunnel, a look which remained until September 2019.

Tunnel in more recent times before its makeover in 2019
Tunnel in more recent times before its makeover in 2019





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