Missing us on facebook?

Sadly, Friday 19 February 2021 (a day that will live in infamy) was the first day in over 4 years we did not make a daily post for our 22k followers on facebook (and not for want of bad local parking photos!). You see, our facebook page has also been caught up in the war over the Media Bargaining Code between the Federal Government and Big Tech. Like many small businesses and community pages that neither sought this Code or asked for payment from facebook, and aren’t media publishers by any definition, we all just became collateral damage. There’s no end in sight yet as to when our pages will be restored so in the meantime, please follow us on insta – same great (awful) parking memes and jokes on Denistone station… And don’t worry, we are determined to be as death-defying as that car that flew out of the second storey of the Eastwood car park.

HOE team


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