R U Ugly?

I taught mathematics at the University of Sydney for over 30 years. I always encouraged my students to come and see me first if they had any problems (so they don’t go jump over the harbour bridge). So many of them came to me with their personal issues.

One time, a student came to my office, he was 27 years old but studying first year undergraduate. He was crying uncontrollably because his girlfriend had just left in him.

I didn’t know what to do. So I told him to go to the toilet and have a good look at himself. At first he was offended but he went after I insisted.

When he came back, I asked him “Are you ugly?” Then he started to laugh. I knew he wasn’t – he was actually quite handsome.

I told him his first priority is his study (because he was 27 and still in first year). Girlfriend is only second priority. I said I will help and make an announcement at the lecture hall tomorrow and tell everyone this handsome man needs a girlfriend, who wants him?

He laughed, saying “Please don’t do that Dr Choo, I’m okay now.”

Professor K.G Choo


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